Monday, May 2, 2011

The Blues

Silver tank
19 GBP -

H M cotton blouse
15 GBP -

Wide leg pants
12 GBP -

GUESS silver jewelry
$20 -

Old Navy beaded bib necklace
$15 -

Cotton scarve
55 GBP -

I think that this outfit would be ideal for an office, professional or classroom setting. The pants fit looseley and the material seems to flow. They are modestly widelegged. I would wear the silver tank top underneath the blue blouse. I think it would be really cute to unbutton the blouse's first few buttons so that the ruffles could be seen. Obviously you would still wear your hijab low enough that no skin would show. I think a navy scarf to match the pants would be great. I love the silver flats! I think that they are very pretty and add some color contrast to the outfit. Finish off with some cute blue and silver accessories and you're good and lovely to go! I chose the navy and silver bow ring and the long necklace of different shades to pull all the colors together.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goody two shoes

Long sleeve dress
30 GBP -

Jaeger wide leg pants
60 GBP -

Lace flat
$47 -

Amrita Singh collar necklace
$100 -

Jon Richard vintage pearl brooch
15 GBP -

Dorothy Perkins silk scarve
12 GBP -

Diorshow Unlimited Mascara
$25 -

I think the most notable thing about this outfit is the sweetness of it. It's a very cute and innocent look. I think it would be great for class, a job interview maybe, or even a casual date or outing. The pink peter pan collared top is modest enough that it shouldn't require any over or under layers. I would recommend buying up a size though to make sure it doesn't come too tight. I'd recommend the same for the navy pants.. though they are wide legged so they shouldn't be too very problematic. It's really hard for me to pick my favorite part but if I had to it would be the shoes! Definitely give those a click and check those out in a larger picture! They are very sweet mary jane style flats with a tiny navy floral print. They lace up with old fashioned retro strings.. too cute. The scarf is also great! I love the detail around the edge. Open up and add some color to your lovely eyes with a dash of navy mascra and finish off with polished accesories. For jewelry I would recommend real or faux pearls. There is nothing more classic, sweet or feminine than pearls. I like the pearl necklace shown because you tie it around your neck with it's ribbon ends making a lovely bow! Finally perhaps a pearl hijab brooch or pin at most.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Super easy! No pins!

I have worn my hijab like this a few times lately. The main reason I love wearing it this way is because I can do it so quickly and easily.. with no pins or anything! Plus it stays securely in place.  The way I do it is by starting off as most of us always do. I place the hijab on top of my head and let both ends fall at even length on each side. I then take one side and then pull it up towards the opposite side.It literally goes over my head a second time. I do the same thing oppositely with the other side. I then neaten it and tuck the ends in and any off spots. I don't pin it. I leave if fairly loose..somewhat Shayla style. I then take a white scarf that is long enough to be a hijab in itself but about half the width. You can tell the white scarf was meant to hang around the neck not be a hijab. I take the white scarf and  tightly twist the entire length of it the way you would wring out wet clothing. Next I fold the twisted scarf in half longways (obviously!). Once it is folded in half if you hold it up by the ends it should start twisting into itself. You will want to help it out though to make sure the twists are tight and even. It should be the same idea as if you were twisting two strings together.. or the way some girls divide their hair into two, twist the two halves together all the way down and then tie. When you have done this part the twisted scarf should be have the length originally and start to be looking the way mine does. One end should have the two scarf ends, the other should be able to be a loop.  Pull the twisted scarf around your head bringing both described ends to the back of your head. Pull the scarf ends tightly through the loop. It should be kinda like making a slip knot. If you've done it right the twisted scarf should be enough to secure your hijab and you won't need pins or anything. Yes, believe it or not this really does stay very secure all day! Plus, I think with a hijab of  different material or pattern this could be a great formal or even bridal look. It would be easy to stick some veiling under the twisted scarf. :]


This is what I wore today. You can't tell but it was a loose black skirt worn with it. My hijab, the floral pink scarf is from American Eagle. They often have lovely scarves.. one of my favorite stores. The white undershirt is from comfortteez. I often put their long sleeved shirts in my designs as the bottom layer. You can find the link to their site in most of my designs and previous posts. I really like them because the shirts are sooo comfy. They are a really soft material. They also hold up very well. I have some years old still in very good condition. They are a company that specifically has modesty in mind. They have tank tops and cami's that are extra long and high necked. They are made this way so that they are perfect to wear under a long sleeved shirt or dress that happens to have a neck that shows too much.. as so many do. Definitely check them out.  My blue blouse is from Target and is was very cheap! My black skirt is a thousand years old and I'm sure you would be able o find something like it anywhere. My white underscarf is pretty much the same story. :]

I think that girls should be less afraid to mix colors! Just because your shirt is blue and white doesn't mean your hijab has to be so! I love to see when girls mix things up. I'm a big fan of creativity. Kinda like the Nautical post a few days ago. I don't think many girls would mix that many colors and would have instead chose to wear a white or navy.. maybe yellow at best hijab. There's nothing wrong with simpler looks and color schemes but there's nothing wrong with having fun and tossing in a surprising color once in a while.


Just for now..

Just for now I am going to turn off the comments option. This is because it's a new blog and I am so far only getting a very small amount of comments anyway. I think that because of this the blog looks neater/cleaner and more organized. I just don't think that it is worth the bother to have comment options at this point. Hopefully, if my readers grow in the future, there will be extra plenty to talk about when I do reactivate them! If and when I reach a certain amount of daily page views or followers I will defnitely turn them back on and I look forward to doing so!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spicey reds and black!

Forever21 maxi dress
$25 -

Melissa flat sandal
$87 -

Nialaya string bracelet
$650 -

Isabel Marant flower bracelet
$495 -

This is a fun outfit for a night out on the town. Great for date night with your hubby or an evening dinner out with family. I would recommend wearing a slip of some kind underneath to prevent any clinging. Great for summer. With few layers avoiding overheating will be easy. I think a white hijab would be best with this. Some might think black but I like the way white breaks up the colors and brings out the bits of white in the dress. I think it would be fun to mix and match the corresponding colors and put two or three exotic bracelets like the ones I've shown on one wrist. I obviously wouldn't expect anyone to buy the exact bracelets shown as they are of outrageous price. They are just shown for example. I am sure you can very easily find something similar in most stores or anywhere online. You'd have to be sure to wear the bracelets outside of the longsleeved undershirt so that they can be seen without revealing your wrist and arm. I think these black shoes go great! Very exotic looking almost!. I think they really go with the feel of the outfit. :]